Mercurio Advanced Robotics

Your customer-friendly digital receptionist

The easy-to-use self-check-in kiosk


A smart way to address the biting staff shortage!

Our board is a seamless 24/7 self-check-in solution endowed with a 3D avatar, CMS for multimedia guest information as well as telepresence for human-to-human remote interaction.

MERCURIO relieves your staff from repetitive and time-consuming procedures - particularly during the off-peak and night hours. 

Technical Features

  • Self-check-in/out kiosk
  • Automated passport scan
  • Integration to HMS/PMS
  • GDPR-compliant guest registration
  • POS & Cheque printer
  • Card dispenser for room access
  • Telepresence for remote guest interaction
  • 3D avatar with a self-guided tour
  • Multimedia guest information
  • Pay-per-use plan

Other products


The terminal is a low-cost hardware-software solution dedicated to relieve your staff from repetitive and time-consuming procedures. 


The mobile interface between guest, hotel and our hardware ecosystem. A simple to use multifunctional tool.

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