Mercurio Advanced Robotics

Manage all aspects of your stay

Enhance customer satisfaction and increase your revenue by providing amazing guest experience - just a few taps away!


Multifunctional, secure and user friendly

  • Relieve your staff from repetitive jobs
  • Increase revenues by cross- & up-selling
  • Real-time data for a better understanding of your guests' needs 
  • Reduce human-related errors


Technical Features

  • Self-check-in / check-out
  • Autofill data from ID scan
  • GDPR-compliant guest registration
  • Keyless room access 
  • Direct re-booking
  • In-app chat engine for live requests
  • Reservations to services

A mobile self-check-in solution - in tandem with our hardware ecosystem. 

  • one time KYC with ID scan & selfie
  • in-app Payment system
  • easy check-in & out procedure
  • Room access via Terminal or E-key

Live requests
Our embedded chat engine allows you to interact with your guests - from everywhere and without the physical presence.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Questions & Requests
  • Housekeeping
  • Additional services

Smart Room access
Whether via a card dispenser or an e-key - MERCURIO provides a smart door opening solution integrated with the main manufacturers.

  • For hotels: automated room access by a card dispenser
  • For vacation rental & shared living: e-keys 
  • In-app door opening button
  • E-key hardware including capital-friendly pay-per-use plans on request 

Booking System

Re-booking to your hotel

  • just one click to re-book your hotel
  • save fees for booking platforms
  • ideal for vacation rental, business hotels

Reservations from all platforms

  • cross-platform confirmation system
  • contact via chat, your Email or our dashboard
  • integration to your existing reservation system

Guest feedback
If you want to offer the best guest experience possible you need to be able to know your guests’ satisfaction level with your hotel at any moment.

  • in-app feedback 
  • chat engine for live feedback
  • AI analytics tool 

Future plans

In-room tablet

  • Remote Guest Interaction by Chat & Telepresence
  • View Bill & Express Checkout
  • In-room Food Ordering
  • Late Check-out
  • Housekeeping Requests
  • Digital Concierge
  • Reservations to In-House & Outdoor Facilities
  • City Guides
  • TV & Room Controls
  • Multi-lingual

Other products


Our terminal is a low-cost hardware-software solution dedicated to relieve your staff from repetitive and time-consuming procedures. 


A seamless 24/7 self-check-in solution endowed with a 3D avatar, as well as telepresence for human-to-human remote interaction.

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