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Digital journey - with a human touch!

We started our journey with great vigor and big ambitions. The ambition to provide solutions and not just technology. Solutions that generate a win-win for hotels, property owners and above all for the guests.
The ambition to make hospitality simple, affordable, customer-centric and from the perspective of our clients: more cost-effective!

Over the years, we have grown, achieved several milestones along the way and today, we are proud to have a product line that 100% coincides with our vision.
We still believe it’s merely the beginning and there’s much more innovation for years to come!

Future plans


You can now easily have access to your digital room service, web TV, chatbot for concierge services, telepresence for remote guest interaction and multimedia guest information.


Our solution is dedicated to support short-stay-, holiday lettings-, serviced apartment management services through or on behalf of the property owners.

We organize a digital journey that allows you to manage & supervise Check-in, Onboarding, Check-out anytime from everywhere, and to generate additional upselling revenues.

  • Booking & channel management
  • Check-in / out
  • Guest information
  • Remote guest interaction
  • Cleaning & other property services
  • Additional upselling

Advanced Digital Onboarding

Smart vending machines and automated rental systems are becoming increasingly mature.
We team up with a wide range of specialized providers for integrating such services into the MERCURIO ecosystem. That way hospitality is being offered additional upselling income - without the need of additional human resources. 

  • Time saving one time KYC
  • App-integrated digital onboarding
  • Consolidated payment f.e. via the hotel bill

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